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New Zealand Queen Apple

NZ Queen features a deep red skin colour with a sweet flavour and crisp, juicy white flesh. It has excellent keeping quality.
Harvest time: mid-March - mid-April

New Zealand Cherries
New zealand cherries show your the best sweet taste and crunch. It has red color long stem.Loverly body shape

Avialable from late December to Feburay

New zealand Apricots
New zealand Apricots have the best taste in the world.The unique soils and suitable climatic conditions grow sweet succullent frim apricots

Avialable from late December to Feburay

New zealand Nectarine
New zealand nectarine,Type of peach with a thin smooth skin and firm flesh.Sweet and crunch.

Avialable from late December to Feburay

New zealand white flesh Peaches
New zealand white flesh peach, Round juicy fruit with downy yellowish-red skin and a rough stone.

Avialable from late December to Feburay

New Zealand Wine
T and S international ltd is a global partner of Omaka Springs Estates.We service China market.New zealand's famous Sauvignon Blanc can be order from us

Avialable all year

Tands Infant Milk Powder
Tands is the lable own by T and S International ltd.This infant project is under investing by us. This lable is made for China market. We use 100% New Zealand source to make our baby formular.

Any interesting inquire is welcom to contact us

T and S International Ltd
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T and S International ltd

T and S International ltd is a summer-fruit license exporter in New Zealand.We have focus on golbal import and export business for 5 yeras. We are base in Auckland New zealand.Client is welcome to visit us for your enquire. .

Export Cherries Varieties

Sonnet- A large cherry which can only be airfreighted,has high sugar.This is our first varieties will be sent out before Xma.

Lapins - Large sweet fruit deep red in colour. Our most requested mid season variety.

Sweetheart - Large crunchy red fruit with dark red sweet flesh. This is becoming our districts major export variety with havey demand. Good for storing.

Staccato - Large very crunchy red black cherry with sweet burgundy flesh. This is a late season variety.

Stella - Dark red and sweet This attractive heart shaped fruit is available in early January.

Bing - Red black sweet and crunchy. Size is medium to large. Available from New Year.

Kordia- A new variety in which seems to survive rain. Good firmness but limited plantings. This the most welcom cheeries we supply to our clients.

New Zealand Wine Varieties

Pinot Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris

New Zealand apple Varieties

Royal Gala
New Zealand Rose
New Zealand Queen
CA apple is available after season

Contact us
Postal: PO Box 41432 St Lukes Auckland New Zealand
006421368320 (International)
021368320 (local)
E-mail: info@tandsnz.com

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